2020 UPDATE:
Read this whole page to learn important info about how the FPA (Dmitri Chavkerov, Konstantin Kravchenko, and Mikhail Morgulis) operate their shameful business. As of 2020, several brokers are SUING the FPA - we strongly recommend others follow this path. See here. The FPA thinks they are not responsible for 3rd party comment, but their Moderators including "Bill K. (identity coming soon)" continue posting defamatory content DIRECTLY. **We ALSO are in the process of reporting the FPA to the CFTC/FBI for their illegal promotion of offshore brokers accepting US clients. We have documented proof of this. **
More on this soon...

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How the FPA Started

The FPA began as ForexBastards.com in 2006.
The website was exposed to be running competitive signal companies while bashing other signal companies, it's owner was arrested, and the name was simply too controversial while the internet was maturing in the early 2000s.

10 years later in 2016, the FPA has evolved into a much more sophisticated operation still generating significant revenue bashing Forex providers around the world...

(Interesting article about how lazy Dmitri Chavkerov WAS when he ran his first Scam: http://pipwizard.com/forexbastards)

Official LA Times Article discussing Dmitri Chavkerov: http://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-craigslist7dec07-story.html

The FPA in 2016

So just WHERE does the loving FPA make their money?

Certainly the market itself must yield their returns?
I highly doubt it.

The FPA makes their money the same way we all do online. Advertising.

But unlike FX Street, DailyForex, FX Empire, LeapRate, Finance Magnates, and others, the FPA generates traffic purely from slandering legitimate companies.

None of their advertisers are anymore legitimate then the companies they bash, yet the FPA makes an estimated $30-60K+ USD per month in revenue.

But just how honest is the FPA when it comes to their own revenue and just how much integrity do the people behind the FPA have? We'll tell you...

The REAL PEOPLE Hiding behind the FPA...
(And their information too!)

The FPA believes in FULL TRANSPARENCY for all brokerages, vendors, etc.

They don't care if that means your home address, Facebook, bank accounts, whatever.
It's ALL about transparency.

In this case, we agree!

a) Dmitri Chavkerov (AKA: Felix Homogratus, Admin, etc)
( dchavkerov2me@gmail.com )

The hilarious idea this man was offered $500MM USD to trade with as he claims is huge joke. (As he indeed claims on his personal website, more on that below).

The "brains" behind the FPA belong to Dmitri Chavkerov (Дмитрий Шавкеров)

A Russian immigrant who grew up in Los Angeles, now hiding in Hawaii and Florida under false aliases, due to being deported from the United States for immigration fraud related issues.

Dmitri originally started the FPA as www.ForexBastards.com
Realizing it was a bit harsh, he changed the name to the ForexPeaceArmy. He is the mastermind criminal of FPA hiding behind fake names, etc as explained throughout the website...

He now lives in Hawaii with his wife, Jarafel Chavkerova (odd last name, seems to be for scamming immigration perhaps?). They have several children and also spend time in Florida, California, and Colorado. Contact us if you need any specific clarity to the matter. (fpaexposed@tutanota.com)

DOB: 4 May 1982

3811 Edward Road #8306, Princeville, Hawaii 96722 USA (Hawaii Primary residence)
(Dmitri is renting this property from Brian & Lisa Maloney a couple in Long Beach, CA)

285 Aahi Street, Kaunakakai, Hawaii 96748 USA (Molokai Island Address used w/ DL Issued in May 2011.)

12363 Hernando Road North Port, FL 34287-1166 USA
12362 Hernando Road, North Port, FL 34287-1166 USA (Addresses used in Florida owned by Michael Morgulis)

Other Addresses pointing to use by Dmitri Chavkerov in California USA:
12226 CULVER BLVD APT 3, LOS ANGELES, CA 90066-6284

Telephone: +1 310-601-8344
Skype ID(possible): Homogratus

Dmitri uses a FAKE SSN as well - 619-**-36** (Hidden for legal, available by request) issued in CALIFORNIA in 1998. He is NOT a US Citizen or Permanent Resident but maintains residency in the States.

Vehicle: Ford Sedan (Hawaii Plate: KBR 581)

The Cliffs at Princeville address.


Dmitri has been hiding under fake names for years such as 'Felix Homogratus' Dmitri has been hiding under fake names for years such as "Felix Homogratus".

Dmitri with his girlfriend (circa 2007), Yuliya Mikhailovna Kalinina during their marriage scam years in Los Angeles. Dmitri was an internet-ordained minister who married Yuliya to an American citizen named Benjamin Claude Adams, who now lives in Michigan, United States. Ben was also arrested as recently as 2015 for failure to pay child support.

She was sentenced to Prison and deported while Dmitri and the American citizen Adams received a lesser punishment for their involvement in these Federal crime(s).

Dmitri peddles other "spiritually oriented" scams as well and claims to be a professional skydiver and champion tennis player.

(No proof of this can be found anywhere except his own websites/PR submissions he has littered the internet with).

See HIS own (HILARIOUSLY LAUGHABLE) personal website at:
www.dmitrichavkerov.org (You gotta see this if you haven't)

Dmitri's 2008 Prius in Florida:

Actual purchased vehicle (Toyota Prius) at Miracle Toyota for cash in Haines City, FL USA.

Dmitir's Toyota Prius in Pagosa Springs, Colorado USA where he and Jarafel spent time in Winter 2015-16.

Dmitri Chavkerov obtained a learner's license in Hawaii because of Hawaiian law passed to give people without US Citizenship papers the right to drive etc regardless of fact he is NOT a US Citizen or Permanent Resident.
See detail: http://www.rbermanlaw.com/hawaii-will-issue-driver-licenses-for-the-undocumented/

Dmitri now also owns a new entity called "Forex Trading Associations".
He uses it to illegally promote Jarratt Davis' scam service.

It is 100% illegal to promote a service on a blog site that bash competing services. The documentation below will show Dmitri's residential addresses in Florida and how he uses it to operate Jarratt's website.

Download Full Corporate Documents from Forex Trading Associates LLC

The website actually makes claims that Dmitri has been made various offers between $100M and $500M US Dollar to manage FX capital for affluent investors.

Yet for some reason, he would choose to manage a blog website instead...

There is ZERO evidence whatsoever to support Dmitri does ANY trading in the Foreign exchange market or market trading whatsoever for that matter.

Dmitri is OBSESSED with hiding the truth about his reputation so he purchases cheap domains to litter SEO results for people searching for information about his sham businesses.
Look past this and you will find many sites like ours exposing the truth that he is a SCAMMER:

Vera P. Chavkerova / Vera P. Chavkerov (Likely mother, using fake names)

Vera Chavkerova is a 56 year old woman likely Dmitri's mother also using the family name of "Chavkerova". She has lived at several different addresses.

12226 CULVER BLVD APT 3, LOS ANGELES, CA 90066-6284
1525 MESA VERDE DRIVE E STE 105, COSTA MESA, CA 92626-5221

Fake SSN Used in USA: 61*-**-3**6

DOB: 22 April 1957

Moved to USA circa 1998.

More info coming very soon on Vera!

Jarafel Chavkerova - WIFE of Dmitri Chavkerov - Using very similar name for likely hiding/immigration scam motives.

FORMER Name was MARIA (CHAVKEROVA) - Changed to strange hippy name "Jarafel".

Lives at: 3811 Edward Road #8306, Princeville, Hawaii 96722 USA

Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/Jarafel.chavkerova?fref=ts
Worked at Hostel Euphoria in Estonia.
Studied at Tallinn University in Estonia.
Married to Dmitri Chavkerov (originally when her name was Maria)
From Kuressaare, Estonia originally.

Uses the FAKE SSN of: SSN: 6**-8*-8**3 also used by Dmitri for fraud.
NOT a real SSN validly issued.

Other Addresses outside of Hawaii used at other times:

PO BOX 13481, BURTON, WA 98013 USA
12363 HERNANDO ROAD, NORTH PORT, FL 34287-1166
1626 WILCOX AVE # 241, LOS ANGELES, CA 90028-6206
3710 S BEAR STREET, SANTA ANA, CA 92704-7200
10223 SW TILLICUM LANE, VASHON, WA 98070-7066

Jarafel Chavkerova's personal vehicle.
White 4-Door Mazda Sedan (Hawaii Plate: KCG 305)

Dmitri and his wife seem to be very close as they attend fruit festivals together: https://hawaiianfruitfestival2015.sched.org/keedetudriis

Jarafel and Dmitri own/partly operate a "creperie" business in Hawaii that sells cheap food to tourists.

Banandi Crepes
5-5100 Kuhio Hwy, Hanalei, HI 96714
Tel. 808-634-7989

Be sure to leave reviews!

Trailer License Plate: 284 KXY (Hawaii)

Kyrylo & Anastasiia Babenko
2008 White Ford Truck (Hawaii Plate: KAH 567)

The business is partly officially owned by Kyrylo Babenko whom Dmitri and Jarafel use for multiple reasons to hide behind his identity.

b) Konstantin V Kravchenko (Константин Кравченко)
( kkravchenko@gmail.com    advertise@forexpeacearmy.com )

The very creepy Konstantin at his residence in Thousand Oaks.

Address #1:
1759 Fordham Avenue
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-2034
United States.

Address #2:
11848 Erwin Street #7
North Hollywood, CA 91606
United States

(Just sold Jan 2016 to a single woman Dawn. Previous owner was Ilya Kravchenko since 2001)

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ilyak

Home Phone (Verizon): +1 805 494 1704
Mobile Phone (T-Mobile): +1 818 401 5282

DOB: 28 March 1972
Soc: ***-2*-**** (Hidden per US Privacy Law, contact us if you need info for lawsuits/criminal complaints).

Attended Saratov State University in Mother Russia.
Obtained US Permanent Residency circa 2001.

Oksana Kravchenko - Wife of Konstantin Kravchenko in Thousand Oaks, CA USA.

He lives with his adult daughter, Mariya Kravchenko at his Thousand Oaks residence.

Konstantin's primary residence in Thousand Oaks, California.

Grass is very beautiful! Van not as much.

Unit #7, Front Door.

Like his dear friend Dmitri, Konstantin has Criminal cases associated with his name as well apparently. (San Bernardino County Case 71251BNKK).

It should be noted this case does NOT appear to have been pursued by this Government agency and no case specifics could be obtained.

Additional company owned by Konstantin Kravchenko: "Dedicated Technologies" (More info coming shortly) which does business with jarrattdavis.ru (Russian Version of Jarratt's SCAM website).

He is also the man behind the Forex "News Gun LLC" service on the website. This entity however appears to have been canceled.

Possible Relatives:
Nina V Kravchenko         06/1945    Age:
Oksana R Kravchenko    01/1973    Age:
Ilya V Kravchenko           09/1981    Age:

c) Romas Jurevičius
( partners@forexpeacearmy.com )

All Aliases used globally - Romas is age 35 Years Old.
Romas Jurevicius (Romas Jurevičius)
Romas Jureviciene (Romas Jurevičienė)

He lives in Lithuania and possibly UK, travels to Hong Kong, Cyprus, and elsewhere to speak about the FPA. Lots of Passport activity our systems see.

We can only speculate that poor Romas' salary is quite modest by his lanky appearance with the same brown suit or baby blue shirt in almost every video the FPA pays for on the "DukasCopy TV" Internet Channel. Because of Dmitri's awful reputation being in trouble with US Authorities, and having zero respect among anyone in the industry... Romas was clearly hired to be a "front man" for the FPA to try to build bridges into the industry at events such as the iFX Expos. Regardless of these efforts, very few industry professionals have any respect or admiration for the FPA's bogus work.

Get a new suit, Romas.

Phone: +370 63012606
Personal Email: romajure@gmail.com

Address: K. Donelaičio g. 14, Flat 14, Vilnius 03102, Lithuania

Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/dapohuiman
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/romasju

*Romas now seems to possibly be living in the UK. We are working on this link now to verify.*

Romas' Mother is Laima Jureviciene (Jurevičienė) who is the Lithuanian Republic Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Council of Europe. She is residing in Strasbourg, France where the EU Parliament is based.

DOB: 19 August 1959 (Age 56)

Romas and his mother (far right).

Hillary Clinton called and wants her pant-suit shipped back to the States!

WikiPedia: https://lt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laima_Jurevi%C4%8Dien%C4%97

d) Austeja Velyvyte "The Banner Lady"
( banners@forexpeacearmy.com )

Lives in Vilnius, Lithuania

*Austeja Velyvyte undoubtedly wins the Award for the best looking FPA Employee.
(Not that there was a close second you could see from a distance).

As a lower end employee, she appears to have a very limited role in the FPA.
Being so young and attractive, Austeja, we highly recommend you change career paths from working with this unsavory website. I'm sure you can do better!

Address: Vilnius, Lithuania

Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/austeja.velyvyte?fref=ts

Austeja's Classy New Facebook Profile Picture! FPA only hires the most sophisticated employees.

e) "Bill King" / "AsstModerator" The King that never was.
( forum@forexpeacearmy.com )

"Bill" is the man whom most companies find the most obnoxious and shocking.
Bill is the Moderator ("AsstModerator") on the Forums, of all the FPA Reviews/Forum pages.

Bill will give specific demands to companies that they reply to customers on the FPA or they will be labeled a "Scam".

If you do not post on the FPA per Bill's recommendations, Bill will then label your company a "Scam" forever on your companies page.

He is a true tyrant with zero interest of actually resolving issues, but rather drumming up internet clicks to drive up FPA Advertising revenue.

This person, who may be Chavkerov himself, hides behind an alias and makes demands while refusing to identify himself. How sad.

f) "Anita" The EA Testing Queen
( testing@forexpeacearmy.com )

Little is publicly known about Anita. However, she routinely harasses EA/Signal vendors asking them to add their trading products to FPA "Performance Testing" insisting MyFXBook, FX-Stat, ForexVerified, MT4i, Investor Password, etc are somehow not sufficient enough.

Give it up, Anita. Nobody respects the FPA's performance testing over the industry leaders that offer a far superior testing platform like MyFXBook.

g) The "Pharaoh" Possibly the Biggest Forum Troll ever?
( PM him to Contact )

See that last post on every single thread? I bet it was done by Pharaoh.
Why? Simple. Pharaoh is financially motivated to post EVERYWHERE on the forum to keep things alive and exciting.

Search his name you will see he has something NEGATIVE to say about everything. He does not care about facts whatsoever. He is by far the most active member of the FPA Forums and will surely light up any old thread in order to drive impressions for banner ad revenue.

Location: Possibly Florida (now lists "Tropical Locations" as his forum location).
Could be the same person as Bill, Konstantin, or even Dmitri himself possibly.
Whoever it is, they are virtually obsessed with posting negative remarks on any users "Have you ever heard of" thread, etc.

We had to include this photo, it's the image that pops in my mind every time old Pharaoh makes his golden presence.

The guy literally has NO life it would appear outside of the FPA...

(Updated 2016)

h) Jarratt Davis - The "Amazing" Trader the FPA Promotes almost Exclusively...
( jd@jarrattdavis.com )

Hey Jarratt, where are these "real/verified results" for your customers to see?

Jarratt Davis is a "trader" based in the UK who claims to have been awarded the #2 Best Trader in the world by BarclayHedge.com
In reality, Jarratt is a FAKE TRADER who steals his signals for a Chinese trader named Liming Wang (http://www.sourcecodefx.com/).

Jarratt used his track record to get the recognition of #2 Best Trader in the World on Barclay Hedge.

HOWEVER - Barclay Hedge doesn't really verify any track records. All they do is receive information you submit to them.

We know for a FACT that Jarratt stole this track record.

And to this day, we cannot find ANY Verified Track Record showing Jarratt's "real results. verified" as he claims.
DO NOT invest money with Jarratt Davis. He is not a real trader and simply part of the Dmitri Chavkerov/ Forex Peace Army scam crew.

Jarratt Davis is also the "Head of FX" apparently at a financial firm called "SMILe Global Management".

It's hard to confirm if this is a real company or not though or just a scam because their website does not list any real offices.

This is really all you can find about SMILEe Global Management... :'(

UK Companies House Listing: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/07506380

We do not recommend dealing with "SMILe Global Management" due to being associated with such a fake trader/Scammer, Jarratt L. Davis.

Telephone: +44 20 3150 0874

Email: info@smilegm.com

SMILe Global Management **Seemingly Fake Mailbox/Virtual Address**
10th Floor, 110 Cannon Street
London, EC4N 6EU, UK

We recommend using EXTREME CAUTION when dealing with Jarratt Davis as he is known to be a big scammer in the industry.

Jarratt's primary company is: JLD Capital Advisors Ltd.
They are simply a company that sell garbage FX education materials that can be obtained for free on sites like www.BabyPips.com

See company details: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08712731/officers

Jarratt's Home Address: 11 Beacon Mews, Lichfield, Staffordshire, England, WS13 7AH (United Kingdom)

"Charlotte Perrins"
Jarratt's Head of Member Support
Email: Support@JarrattDavis.com

Jarratt's company is proven here to be partly owned by Forex Trading Associates LLC, owned by Dmitri Chavkerov and Konstantin Kravchenko via the Florida Secretary of State (USA).

Jarratt and Dmitri are not real traders. Nor is Konstantin. They are simply marketers scamming people by attacking other Forex educators and then claiming to be the "holy grail". Don't be fooled!

i) Andrew Mitchem

Andrew Mitchen is a scam Forex trader that run a Forex Coaching service. He has NO Track Record whatsoever on his website: theforextradingcoach.com He is just another con-artist the FPA works with to make $$.

51A Poplar Ln,
Tamahere 3284,
New Zealand.

Phone: +64 21 121 6268.

(If you need his home address or other information, contact us and we will retrieve it for you).

j) Sive Morten

Sive Morten is a total scam with NO trading record whatsoever and the FPA pays him very meekly for his daily trading "analysis" from financial disclosures we have located.


Russian Televangelist Scammers - Business Partners with Dmitri Chavkerov.


(Russian: Михаил Моргулис; Ukrainian: Михайло Моргуліс)

Home Phone Number: +1 941 240 5762


Second Address:
12334 Urbino Street (Total dump, owned by Mikhail)
North Port, FL 34287

Public Contact Info:
Spiritual Diplomacy – International Foundation Headquarters
P.O. Box 7789
North Port, Florida 34290 United States
Tel.: 630-417-0306, 630-330-9258


Dmitri Chavkerov and fellow scammer, Mikhail.

Michael pitching one of his scams.

Just another member of the classy con-artist crew.

12334 Urbino Street in North Port, FL... Another shady properly owned by Mikhail/Michael Morgulis / Tatyana and Zinovi Morgulis....

Mikhail Morgulis' residence in North Port, Florida USA.


More coming soon!

"Forex Broker Inc."
Illegally Operating Broker, #1 Advertiser on the FPA!

By FAR the most ads you'll see on FPA belong to "Forex Broker Inc". (Gridley Enterprises SA)
What's REALLY interesting about that little fact is that Forex Broker Inc quite possibly runs the most illegal business model in the regulated Forex world. They advertise EXCLUSIVELY to Americans. (Other countries can't even open an account, it's very odd).

They are based in the Marshall Islands with zero regulation operating as one of the only brokers in the world still accepting US Clients without an NFA License.
(Only FXCM, Forex.com, Oanda, MB Trading, and a few other smaller IBs can legally accept US Clients. Forex Broker Inc is one of VERY FEW offshore brokers that dare to illegally accept US clients still.)

The FPA VERY WELL KNOWS THIS... But that doesn't stop them from accepting $1000s Monthly from this obvious mysterious brokerage violating multiple laws.

What a coincidence... Almost all positive reviews and all Americans trading at this unlicensed, Marshall Islands brokerage... Why FPA? Why do you allow blatantly law-avoiding companies to be promoted on your website? Is it because legitimate advertisers rarely want to advertise on the FPA?

NordFX Scam Review Broker Advertising on FPA

NordFX is a broker that advertises a lot on the FPA and is a scam broker operating from India. They have multiple complaints online about their unscrupulous practices invoking client funds.

Abhishek Ranjan, Director
North West Delhi, INDIA

Other Locations:
Ghaziabad, India
Registered in Mauritius.

Phone: +91 120 453 3766

**Illegally accepting Indian Retail FX Clients** Mr. Abhishek Ranjan is in serious violation of Indian Laws: https://www.quora.com/Why-is-forex-trading-illegal-in-India

The NordFX.com website is owned and operated by NFX CAPITAL MU INC., a company incorporated and existing under the laws of Mauritius and registered at 2nd Floor, 26 Bank Street, Cybercity, Ebene, Mauritius.

Only SCAM Brokers provide big deposit bonuses like NordFX! A-Book/No Dealing-Desk brokerages could never turn profit giving away huge bonuses. Ever.


AxiTrader Scam Review Broker
Cooperating with Jarratt Davis and FPA by Affiliate Marketing efforts

Goran Drapac, Chairman & CEO of AxiTrader currently living in Sydney, Australia.
AU Citizen.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goran.drapac?fref=ts

The FPA and Jarratt Davis try to protect AxiTrader but they are really a scam!
I know this personally as being an IB of there's for several years.

AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd. is ran by criminal Gordan Drapac known as an industry fraudster.


Online Casino Advertising Partnerships

If you visit the FPA from some Geo IPs, you will be served Casino ads for illegal, unlicensed, unregulated online casinos. How can the FPA comrades like "Pharaoh" and "Bill" preach endlessly against vendors and brokerages that don't possess first-world licenses, then making $1000s in ad revenue from third-world online casinos? Please explain, Dmitri. I'm begging you!

List of ALL Advertisers on FPA. As you can see, it's all scam broker/casino company! Why would an honest website take this type of advertising money? They wouldn't. FPA is a story of LIES.

REPORT Dmitri and Konstantin's Illegal Gambling Solicitations to their Local and Federal Authorities:

Florida Attorney General: http://www.myfloridalegal.com/
California Bureau of Gaming Control: https://oag.ca.gov/gambling
Hawaii Attorney General: http://ag.hawaii.gov/
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/fbi-headquarters

The FPA "Court"

The FPA court is now in session!

Likely the biggest joke on the FPA website is their "Court" section.
Where Forex consumers are allowed to open a "court case" (try to say that without laughing) against a broker or vendor they feel scammed them.

The "Court" even has the audacity to issue verdicts (ie: "Guilty") against any company that the members/moderators feel may have wronged anybody. Once they have done so, the company is permanently "marked' on the site while passerby visitors believe the "verdict" may have actually been from a legitimate national court system. It most certainly is not.

Elite Universe, Inc. (The Official Company)

The "Forex Peace Army" is merely a name.
The true identity of the company is a California company with a tiny mailbox shop owned by an immigrant in a low-end neighborhood of Hollywood, California. I believe this is a common practice in the States for very small businesses.

Hollywood Mail Store
1626 North Wilcox Avenue, (Mailbox #241), Hollywood, California 90028. United States.
Tel. +1 323 467 5689
Email: hollywoodmailstore@gmail.com

The mail then simply forwards onto Dmitri's L.A. buddy from old country, Konstantin V Kravchenko, just up the road in Thousand Oaks, California. (The owner of the store will gladly confirm this as he receives regular inquiries about the FPA from tourists, etc surprised to find this as their "office").

Fancy! I wonder where the "Pharaoh" office is inside their World Headquarters mailbox?

The FPA's Bank/PayPal Account Information:

The "Free Trading Signals"

The FPA offers "Free" signals to its clients as an added bonus to their so-called honest work for the good of the industry.

However, here's the problem... Their signals have ZERO track record and offer ZERO specific entry/exit points. See for yourself:

This gives the FPA ZERO accountability and ZERO Track Records of their performance. As the FPA DEMANDS vendors be fully transparent, they refuse to show ANY performance history for their "expert traders" like Jarratt Davis who are nothing more then marketers the FPA pretends to hate.

NO specific trade signals or track record ANYWHERE on the FPA website. Total joke. Do NOT risk your capital with their "free signals" that are more a basic market analysis you can find better on www.DailyFX.com and other real industry websites.

IB Commissions from Brokers they pick and choose.

The FPA also accepts thousands in IB commissions from brokerages around the world regardless of regulation, reputation, etc.

This is admitted in their Site Terms, and goes directly against Romas' own words that the FPA makes money solely from "advertising".

If you search through the code of their website, you'll find lots of (always hidden) referral links for various brokers/vendors. Nothing wrong with this necessarily, but not something they publicly admit to.

The COLD HARD TRUTH about the Forex Market, Dmitri Chavkerov, and the real Forex Bastards, Forex Peace Army...

Bottom Line: The FPA is an outright scam ran for profit. The information on the website is not credible and the advertisers should NOT trust the FPA either. We STRONGLY recommend pursuing legal action and other actions against Dmitri Chavkerov, Konstantin Kravchenko, and all of their scammer colleagues around the world... Contact us if you need help!

$25,000 USD OFFER to the FPA.

We will pay the FPA $25,000 USD if they will stop accepting advertising revenue from their shady partners including Forex Broker Inc., Jarratt Davis (JLD Capital Advisors Ltd.), and all the other scammers. They also must operate the website in a FAIR manner that does not label hard-working people as "scammers". We will also pay them $25,000 USD if they can prove that Dmitri was EVER offered ANY trading job or even trades any money in FX. He is NOT a trader and therefore hides behind his fake identities to scam hard-working traders.

What YOU can do to FIGHT the FPAs "Army" of Few.

Let everyone know that the FPA is a SCAM and must be stopped. Link to our website from your so this website GAINS SEO. We are purchasing Google AdWords clicks, and contacting thousands of FX companies and traders so they know the truth about FPA and do NOT do business with them!